Prep Time

Past pain has turned me
into a skeptic of sweet things

So when
he speaks to me with words
of pure raw sugar,
I search for artificiality first,
and enjoy the taste later

Even where no trace of it exists,
I mistake his words for aspartame,
I doubt his sincerity

I doubt my ability to be loved,
to be cared for,
to be covered with sugar.

Somehow, over time,
I’ve lost my sweetness,
I’ve grown bitter.

Perhaps if I had practiced
more self love,
planted kisses on my body at night,
I would’ve tasted the difference
in my skin’s taste,
would’ve keenly noticed
the decline in flavor
like one does when chewing gum.

But what can I do now?
except take in his words
and believe them,
except hold his hand when he offers
and grab it when he forgets

What else can I do but be vulnerable
What else can I do but prepare to be loved.

Thank You

To all my followers, thank you for continuing to follow my blog despite its inactivity. Things have been crazy lately but I hope to start posting again soon.



Martín De Pasquale:Photography

this is fucking with my head woah

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#tbt #latepost #AchillesTheGiraffe #Giraffe #Figment #NYC #artmuffin

#tbt #latepost #AchillesTheGiraffe #Giraffe #Figment #NYC #artmuffin

Just a glimpse of my day. More photos to follow…eventually. #nyc #icapture_nyc #instabarbie #blackbarbie #blackgirlsrock #fashion #artmuffin

Just a glimpse of my day. More photos to follow…eventually. #nyc #icapture_nyc #instabarbie #blackbarbie #blackgirlsrock #fashion #artmuffin


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Oh my God, I feel it in the air
Telephone wires above are sizzling like a snare
Honey, I’m on fire, I feel it everywhere
Nothing scares me anymore.

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Iambic Pentameter

The speed of organic conversation,
boiled down to a science
so that when two bodies are away,
words can traverse through peaks and valleys,
hopscotch through levels of stress,
and arrive in sweaty clothes,
while giving the illusion of spoken breathes

On the Pursuit

With your fingers,
stroll through my tresses

Take the scenic route,
or the road most traveled by

Stop midway,
and turn around
or get caught
in a tangled tango

There’s no right way to go,
but if lost:

Follow the kinks
until you find
peace of mind.

Love with you would Hurt

If perchance
you turned around
and caught
from your peripherals
me stumbling,
grasping for something,
and ultimately
falling for you…

I think you’d run far
and further
until your thoughts caught up,
until my ass hit the ground

I think then,
you’d extend your hand,
help me up,
and even after
I was vertical and stable,
never let my hand go

It only costs $0.00 to keep it real

Too much time on social media?


I feel like I’ve been consumed with social media. Instagram that tumblr this. I did delete my Instagram app just for a chill. I deleted my tumblr one for a different reason it became exhausting seeing certain posts and discussions that made me altar how I see and feel about myself. But right now…

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